Our Team

I am a self taught jewellery designer and maker. Creative art is my passion. Working as a professional in Banking Industry with lucrative IT job helped save money, but did not satisfy the artist in me. After all, life is for living and doing things that you enjoy doing. After thirteen years of working in IT, I finally realized I want to do what I enjoy most and I chose jewellery design. My creative mind enjoys in innovation and new forms of art craft and I then apply it to my jewellery designs.

Like any child, I am always fascinated with colorful beads and since then, I have tried arranging them in an artistic fashion. My relatives and friends fondly remember the gifts I gave during their birthdays and marriage anniversaries… you guessed it right – it was my designer jewellery.

My family has played a crucial role by supporting my passion. Their encouragement, fascination in my children’s eyes and my husband’s warm smile when they see my newly designed jewellery piece, this simple touch to my life and heart keeps me refreshed all the time. With such warmth, I get set to plan for my new stall in the jewellery exhibition or calling my customers to get their feedback. Several repeat customers that liked my jewellery designs have not only bought them for themselves, but also bought them to give gifts and they have introduced me to their friends and families.

This website displays my work of art. All items displayed here are exclusively designed myself and my partner friend. We have several other designs and we also make creative custom designs to suite to your style.

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Hey there, this is Poorva and I am the co-founder of Creative Jewellery & Designs. At first, this business venture was started with the sole purpose of providing a platform where me and my partner, Vaidehi could pursue our interests in jewelry. However, as my interest in jewellery peaked I came to the realization that as a team we can develop our passion into a business venture.

While,I primarily handle the marketing and sales aspects of the business such as finding new business opportunities & business development & communication. I have keen eye for details & understanding of customer’s requirements which then we translate for “Customized Product”.

I also run my Japanese language coaching ,so business side of the venture came naturally to me and being an extrovert & multilingual helped me even more to expand our business & reach to the wider audience.

I also like to thank my ever supporting family for this “ Business Adventure”.